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USB - USB-C cable LDNIO LS532, 2m (grey-orange)

Now renew your phone's energy in the blink of an eye! The LDNIO LS532 USB to USB-C cable allows you to quickly charge your devices thanks to its 2.4A current. It is compatible with a range of popular devices, including smartphones, wireless headphones and tablets. High-quality materials have been used in its manufacture, which are characterised by above-average strength and resistance.

Fast and safe charging

The cable supports fast charging with an intensity of 2.4A, so charging your devices will not take long. You don't have to worry about their safety either. The intelligent chip automatically adjusts the charging parameters to the connected device - so you can be sure that it is completely safe.

Robust design

The cable will serve you well for a long time! It has been made from a robust braided cable, which is distinguished by its extraordinary resistance to wear and tear . It has also undergone a number of durability tests, so you can use it without worrying about damaging it.

Length2 m
ConnectorsUSB-A / USB-C


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LDNIO LS532, USB - USB-C 2m Cable (Grey-Orange)
790 Ft
12 hónap jótállással

LDNIO LS532, USB - USB-C 2m Cable (Grey-Orange)

790 Ft
12 hónap jótállással
Cikkszám: INP-28997
Gyártó cikkszám: LS532 type c
Vonalkód: 5905316143685
Készletmennyiség: 40 db. raktáron
Várható házhoz kézbesítés: 2024. április 23.

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